Saturday, October 12, 2013

Conversations, Community, and Brand in the Digital Agora

Understanding digital agora to evolve a winning digital strategy for your business.

Central to every Greek city was the agora, a marketplace and meeting place. The literal meaning of the word "Agora" is "gathering place". One can easily figure that in one of the cool places of the agora, friends and families would exchange pleasantries, people could meet and discussed about community and political issues, while traders could make proposals and closed deals.

Agoras were more than markets; they were centers of life. The conversations that happened there and the ideas that erupted from there could have brought down governments, gave rise to new revolutions, and brought about new philosophies of life.

Paradigm shift in the marketplace
Over the centuries, some of these places in every civilization made it to the library of the universities prompting research and exploratory studies to understand its evolution.

Paradigm shift in the marketplace
In the modern times, whether it is Trafalgar Square in London that is used for political demonstrations and community gatherings or Times Square – also known as "The Crossroads of the World", one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections having people visiting from different continents, the meaning of the agora has evolved to new meaning and perspectives.

Today, agora has taken a new form with the convergence of internet, mobile devices, and communication mediums. The transformation of inter-networks to intra-networks, voice over telephony to voice over IP, visuals over television sets to Youtube videos on your palm, Offline networking to online social media networking, there seems to be no end to shrinking and touching lives.

Conversations in the Digital Agora

Thanks to the developments in internet and communication technologies, the meaning of interactivity is radically redefined. The conversations in the social media spread like a wildfire. People have instant opinion about every sphere of life. Whether it is politics, sports, business, religion, or science, somebody is either listening or talking.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the like introduced a virtual marketplace and an on-line meeting place called digital agora. The members of these movements surpass populations of several countries. For instance, Facebook has a user base of 1.2 billion people that is close to 16% of world population. 

80% of online users search on Google and other search engines to find products and services they are looking for. What are you doing to ensure your business is found by your target audience?

Conversation builds trust, trust builds community, and community builds brand perception. Conversation is the heart of the community in the social media networking platform. On an average, about 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday. The sheer volume, velocity, and variety of content is changing the unit of data from gigabytes to terabytes and reaching petabytes, thanks to billions of conversations in the digital agora. 

The conversations could be about your company, your product, your service, it would a new idea or a shortcoming of your current product, it is important to listen to the community and engage with them in an altruistic manner to discover the treasures in the digital marketplace.

Do you have a winning digital strategy? What is your go to online market strategy?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top 10 characteristics of winning corporate website

The corporate website of any organization reflects the digital maturity of that organization with respect to communicating about the company and its products / services, connecting with the customers, leveraging latest technologies and optimal use of social media channels.

More often than not, your corporate website is the digital identity of your business. Digital branding and corporate website development for winning in the e-marketplace goes hand in hand. If you are serious about winning in the e-marketplace, your corporate website need to be fully armed with the right bullets:

  • Inspiring design - The home page is more than a front office of your business. The top webpages of the website are expected to reflect the philosophy of your business and inspire the people to want and talk.
  • Intuitive design - Provide engaging user experience to your customers through intuitive design and simple navigation.
  • Aesthetics - Incorporate a sense of aesthetic fragrance into your website and make them feel it. Can your website make your visitors happy? By following simple aesthetics, you can bring a big smile on your target audience face
  • Responsive / adaptive website designs - More and more people are increasingly using smart phones and tablets to access the website and apps. Responsive website design is essential to cater to your target audience.

Web is a great equalizer. 

No matter how big your business is, on the web you always start at zero. 

  • Predictive Website - Personalize content of the website home page based on user geographic parameters and preferences to connect with your target audience effectively and get actionable results. Predictive websites eliminate redundant content and makes your website a smart object.
  • Call to action - Never miss an opportunity to trigger an action. Whether it is buying a product or service or guiding the customers to register or just asking them to fill a contact form or feedback form, make sure it finds a space in the website realty. As coffee is for closures, so are the conversions.
  • Social friendly website - Leverage social media channels and connect and engage with your target customers seamlessly. Depending on your business, you can choose appropriate media channels to communicate and engage with your customers. A very good example of exploiting social media for business can be learned from KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s social media strategy.
  • Information in capsules - Package your website content in brief and concise capsules making it contiguous and wanting to bookmark, share or keep it to treasure. Use infographics and videos wherever possible.
  • Conventions - Technology is not to make people handicap. Technology is to equip people to make things easier and better. Don't ignore conventions trying to be different. Never miss key pointers like “about us” "company" or “contact us” in the website.
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